Glass of wine

Our ESTATE Wine - grown at fortezza

Bottle of Sangiovese Wine

Sangiovese (San Joe VAY Seh)

Smooth and fruit filled aromas fill your glass. One of our most popular wines to be enjoyed with pasta or pizza. We grow Sangiovese here at Fortezza. It is a vigorous vine with a vigorous flavor.

Bottle of Zinfandel Wine

Primitivo (Pri meh TEE voh)

Our Primitivo is a bold, full bodied wine to be enjoyed with a hearty meal. We grow a version of Zinfandel here at Fortezza, a Primitivo; an Italian or Spanish version of Zinfandel.

Bottle of Vignier Wine

Viognier (Vee Own YAY)

A light and crisp white wine. Our Viognier is a favorite on hot, summer days serviced ice chilled. This wine can be served with fish, salads, or on its own.


                  NOT SHOWN - Petit Verdot (Puh TEE (TEET) Vare DOE)

This amazing small (petite) dark Bordeaux grape produces very full bodied tannic spicy wines.  Is not for the faint of heart.  It is mainly used in blending, added in small amounts to Cabs and Zins.   We have it straight!