Fortezza Tasting Room


Our Winery

Our History

Fortezza has a long history of farming. Since 2006, our grapes have been growing in our fertile soil.  Our vineyards are planted with Italian and French varieties of wine grapes. With a climate that mirrors the southern Mediterranean, we can easily ripen our grapes to perfection. We are committed to protecting the honored tradition of farming. In the ever changing landscape of our world, we are committed to protecting our wine, our fruit, and our history.  We have 5 acres of wine grapes planted on our 12 acre property.  With room to expand and grow we are looking forward to producing the best wine grapes for our wine.  We hope you will visit our vineyards soon so you can enjoy the tradition too!


Our Philosophy

We are committed to using local Placer County grapes when available. We believe our county can compete with other well-known wine regions to make excellent, exceptional wines.


The Winery

We are a small winery that produces approximately 500 cases of estate wine.  Salute!